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This course involves exactly that. Our film tutor, Graham Caveney, will moderate and provide illustrative analysis. The series also consists of eight themed writing workshops up to 15 places available. Free tickets to the screenings are available for participants. Participants are not expected to have any prior experience of writing or knowledge of the field.

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They will work with specialists within a supportive workshop environment in order to produce new writing and will have the opportunity to read their work at an event on 14 June. Our popular screenwriting course is back! It will get you up and running with all the tools you need to write your screenplay.

From finding your story, giving it structure and writing it visually; creating characters, writing dialogue and devising your plot. Not forgetting how to write a film synopsis and treatment. Courtney Traub is a writer and editor for About. Tim Hannigan is a travel journalist and award-winning author of geo-historical books.

They will be discussing approaches to travel writing with critic and researcher, Dr Rebecca Butler Nottingham Trent University. This discussion will be followed by London, a French-inspired, psycho-geographical journey through the capital city and its cultural history, narrated by Paul Scofield and his companion Robinson.

Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and film director, Shamim Sarif will be discussing issues of race and sexuality in her work with researcher and critic, Dr Humaira Saeed Nottingham Trent University. This discussion will be followed by a screening of her film, The World Unseen. When she meets Miriam, a young wife and mother, their unexpected attraction pushes Miriam to question the rules that bind her. She will be presenting an illustrated talk which will include a screening of The Lost Thing, an Oscar-winning animated short film.

She will also discuss the influence of her own Arab-American heritage, of peace, and of empathy, in relation to her work with critic and researcher, Dr Anna Ball Nottingham Trent University. In , he established Kingsley Hall in East London as a medication-free community for those seriously affected by schizophrenia. His methods made headlines worldwide. Mister Sim is at the end of the line. When he receives an unexpected offer to travel through France selling toothbrushes, he seizes the opportunity but starts seeing a parallel with the tragic around-the-world sailor, Donald Crowhurst.

The fame has faded and the waistline has expanded but top actor Richard Thorncroft still clings to his status as beloved s TV sleuth Mindhorn. Decades after the hit show, a dangerous criminal demands the fictional Mindhorn as his nemesis and Thorncroft is back in business. The ghosts of groovy Austin Powers and walking disaster area Inspector Clouseau haunt a rollicking comic romp graced by a stellar cast. Every year, they generate another 12, metric tons of high-level waste.

This documentary explores the mind-boggling scientific and philosophical questions long-term nuclear waste storage poses. Curator at the Science Museum and author of several books on the Space Age, Doug Millard will discuss the theme of orbit and its creative representations with critic and researcher Professor Phil Leonard Nottingham Trent University. A screening of the sci-fi drama Life, in which an international space crew discovers life on Mars, will follow the discussion.

Short Stack showcases shorts, documentaries, music videos and trailers from the East Midlands and further afield. An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refinery in this lyrical anti-urban comedy from Bill Forsyth.

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TLW's 1950s Historyscope 1950-1959 C.E.

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    STEVE JOBS Trailer German Deutsch (2015)

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